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Local Trade Copier - LTC

Easy to use and reliable solution for copying trades from any MetaTrader account to any other MetaTrader account. Supports any brokers who use MT4 platform (ECN brokers, 5-digits brokers, brokers with suffixes in symbol names, etc..)

Do you have master or investor (read-only) password from some account in Meta Trader 4 and you want to copy trades from this account to yours? or do you want to trade on few accounts simultaneously? In this case you will just need to open trades on one accont and Copier will transfer these trades to other accounts automatically. wink


yes Copy trade to few MT4 accounts automatically with 0 second delay.

yes Instantly transfer Trade Edits(TP, SL, Trade Close etc..) to slave account.

yes 3 way lots management - LotRatio, ForceLot & MicroLotBalance.

yes Set Script refresh rate with 'Delay' input.

yes Set accepted Pip tolerance while copy new trade with 'PipsTolerance' input.

yes Set magic number for Orders.

yes Adjust prefix & suffix with 'Prefix' & 'Suffix' Input if require.

yes Filter Trade. It just copy only to symbols, which are active on market window.


It is much simple to install trade copier, please visit here and watch the video, it will show you how to install script and edit settings. Then please install Master script on the master mt4 and Salve script on each Slave mt4. If you still need to hire expert to install, please send request HERE.


Script Price?

yes Are you using forexrr recommended broker account with refer to us? cool..! Script Price is 0$ for you.

yes Using Script with your Old forex account? we are sorry! we need to charge very small amount to cover our cost. Please Subscribe 25$ per month payment with below Paypal button & Send your forex account ID to



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